Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome to Simply Crochet

Welcome to my blog. This is my think tank for my crocheting addiction. I love to It is my stress reliever and my everything. I have three boys who were my original inspirations for crocheting. I loved to make blankets and sweaters and hats for them when they were little. They are not so little anymore, so they have kinda outgrown those kinds of things. I still make things for them, although the blankets are a lot bigger now, and they toys a little more complicated. (Like a crocheted tractor for my five yo, who is obsessed with tractors and I have a very loving husband that puts up with my addiction. With only a little fussing about all the yarn everywhere, and why the laundry can't get done, but I finished two blankets. But he is the best husband ever. Hope you will join me on my crochet journey.

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