Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Decision...Something for ME!!!

I have decided to do something for me....I am getting new "boobs". I have a good bit of critism and support from varing family members and friends. I was suprised that my mother wasn't one of the supporters. My grandmother although criticizing at first was laughing by the time the discussion was over....she asked what was I going to do when I was her age...I said I will be your age with nice boobs....she thought this was hilarious. At least I made her laugh. I am getting super excited, nervous, anxious....I can't wait. I have my pre-op on Tuesday and the surgery is on the 22nd. I have already bought me one bra in my new size...which I will tell the Dr on Tuesday what size I have decided to be. My husband has been awesome about all of it. He was the one that called an set up the consultation for me. He knew that I would keep putting it off...I am really a horrible procrastinater. I am so glad he called though. The consultation was great, the Dr and his staff were the best. Everyone was really done to earth and friendly. Even one of the nurses showed me hers, which the Dr had done, they looked great. Did you know that they come with a lifetime warrenty? I do now, they have have a guarantee within the first ten years that if they bust or deflate they will replace the implants and pay a percentage of the surgeon's fees. I love that part, but it is awesome that the company stands behind their product that way.

I feel like a kid counting down for Christmas, only 12 more day. My DH just laughs at me, he thinks it's funny. He keeps joking with me about the amount of pain that I will be in. I told him it could be no worse that giving birth to 3't wait!!

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  1. Too silly! I wish you luck and I'm glad your hubby is supporting you! Best wishes!

    Count Down...get ready! ;)

    By the way, love the shrug