Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Back

Been busy lately, had my surgery on the 22 and have been recovering lately. Got a lot crocheting done, just haven't got pics yet. I will get some up this week.

I have been really frustrated with our school system here. I have been trying to get my younger boys into a school close to us, Whitesburg Elmentary, but out of district( supposed to go to Central Elementary, cecause we are 1.8 miles past the district line, even though we live in Whitesburg), they passed a new law last school year, that as long as a school had an opening and the child had transportation they could go to that school, called an intra-district transfer. Well we waited to see what schools have opening and lo and behold Whitesburg doesn't have any openings...as a matter of fact Central doesn't have any opening either. So they are telling me they can't go to Whitesburg, because there is no open seats, but they can go to Central that is already overcrowded. I pay my property taxes every year, which is what funds our school system, but I cannot use this service as I would like to. It is really frustrating. So as of right now we are back to homeschooling next year (which I don't mind) Our oldest one is going back to public school, he will be in the 8th grade and there is only one middle school for our area, so this is fine, he wants to go back. He misses his friends and sports. The other two we have applied to a charter school through our public school system, this way they will be doing the same work as kids in school, just less time every day. Hopefully next year we will be able to get them in, and they will on the same level if not higher than everyone else....

OK enough ranting for today....hopefully I will get some pictures posted later this week of work in progress and completed projects....YAY!!!

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